LWV-Wake Policy Positions



  • Support policies that provide adequate, sound and equitable financing and insure quality educational program with socio-economic balance and equal educational opportunity and a comprehensive sex education program.
  • Advocate for improved personnel, program and facilities for all schools
  • Seek active participation of parents, citizens and community organizations in school activities


  • Study and promote policies that control and reduce erosion and sedimentation
  • Support regulations that improve air quality, including reduced ozone levels and reduced school bus emissions
  • Improve water availability and quality


  • Support campaign finance reform
  • Re-study 4-year and staggered terms for Raleigh City Councilpersons
  • Support methods of election that result in maximum voter participation and equitable representation


  • Support adequate supply of low- and moderate-income housing throughout Wake County
  • Advocate for enforcement of the Fair Housing Code
  • Support transitional housing as one approach to the problem of homelessness

Criminal Justice

  • Support a state death penalty moratorium

LWV-Wake also engages in education and advocacy on issues related to the broader policy positions of LWV-US and LWV-NC.