Letter to the Editor: Absolute Power Corrupts in NC - Dems and GOP

[This letter was written by LWV-Wake member Mike Jennings and published in the News and Observer. The letter was written as a private citizen and not on behalf of the League.]

News & Observer - April 4, 2019

First it was gerrymandering to give the Republican Party unconstitutional control of the N.C. General Assembly, then ballot harvesting in the 9th District, and now GOP chairman Robin Hayes and three others indicted on conspiracy and bribery charges.

Apparently the GOP’s new-found powers make the party feel it can get away with this stuff, just like the Democrats did when they were in power.

I really don’t want either party to be in total control of the General Assembly, but I do want a balance so they talk to each other and find consensus on how to deal with state issues.

Perhaps when the unconstitutional districts are redrawn to stop gerrymandering, we can achieve that balance.

Mike Jennings