Letter to the Editor: Fund Better Election Security

[Published in the News and Observer, April 14, 2019]

While much attention has been focused on absentee ballot fraud in the 9th Congressional District, little attention has been paid to improving the accuracy of our state’s voter rolls to curtail other types of election irregularities.

These election security problems cannot be addressed with Voter ID.

The Electronic Records Information Center (ERIC) is a nonprofit, state-controlled membership organization that would allow North Carolina to identify inaccuracies and improve integrity of our voting systems while improving security.

In Virginia, South Carolina and West Virginia, ERIC identified more moved, deceased and duplicate voter records than those states achieved alone using their own records.

The League of Women Voters urges the N.C. General Assembly to provide funds to allow North Carolina to join ERIC, as well as to provide necessary technology upgrades and election processes.

By making these investments, the General Assembly can truly be the impetus for improving the accuracy and security of our voting systems and regain voters’ trust in our elections.

Marian Lewin, Raleigh

President, League of Women Voters of Wake County