Early childhood education is the current focus of the League’s Education Committee.  Why?  For an elegantly articulated answer, watch

Children’s earliest years have a lasting impact on later learning, health and success – issues that impact our national security, safety and economic well-being.  This needs to be part of the political conversation in the upcoming campaign year.  Voters and politicians need to understand the return on investment in the early years.  If you are interested in this or other education issues, email Karen Ferguson:


The League of Women Voters of Wake County is a nonpartisan organization whose purposes are to encourage the active participation of all citizens in government, to work to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and to influence public policy through education and advocacy.

The League of Women Voters has two separate and distinct roles:

  • Voter Services/Citizen Education: We present unbiased non-partisan information about elections, the voting process, and issues.

  • Action/Advocacy: We are non-partisan, but, after study, we use our positions to advocate for or against particular policies in the public interest.

We are guided by our principles as we carry out these roles.

The League of Women Voters never supports or opposes candidates for office, or political parties. Any use of the League of Women Voters’ name in campaign advertising or literature has not been authorized by the League.

Check our calendar for upcoming meetings and read more about us.

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NEW PROJECT: Voter Education and Civic Engagement

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(ACA - Obamacare)



Recently published evidence points to the conclusion that the Affordable Care Act is working to make health care more affordable, accessible and of a higher quality, for families, seniors, businesses, and taxpayers.  This includes previously uninsured Americans, and Americans who had insurance that did not provide them adequate coverage and security.

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