LWV Election Guide-VOTE411.org

The League of Women Voters has created a "one-stop-shop" for election-related information.  Using this you can register to vote, create a personal voter guide, and find useful information on a wide range of voting topics.

There are two ways of getting into the candidate survey results in the voter guide. The first is to enter your address data on the home page and you will be able to see the races on your ballot. If, however, your personal ballot does not include those races, or if you’d like to look at some other candidate’s responses, there is an alternative method to access the voter guide:

  • On the home page, do not enter your address. Instead, click on Search by State and Topic, and select North Carolina, click on Apply.
  • On the next page, scroll down and click on Candidate and Ballot Measure Information.
  • Then click on race index, then North Carolina again and you will see a list of all the races in the state. Look for those want to review and click on those districts.

We are continuing to update the voter guide as we receive additional responses from candidates who have not yet submitted their responses.

Click below to access the LWV Vote411.org: