Member profiles 1: Getting to know the League

Ask a League member the main benefits of membership, and you’ll probably hear first about the value of the work we do, the chance to dig deep into public issues and spread that knowledge, the opportunity to inform voters and keep tabs on government. But in the very next breath you’ll probably hear about the chance to spend time with smart, engaged citizens who care about good government. We work together on public issues, and we love spending time together at social events—parties, field trips, movies, pop-up dinners, art projects, the list goes on.

But it can take time to get to know members in a group as large as ours. So we’re offering a shortcut in The Voter blog: profiles of our members, told to Membership Committee co-chair Dale Cousins, published in a continuing series. We hope you enjoy meeting other members here. Come to our events and meet them in person!

And when it’s your turn, please share with us. We’d like to get to know you better, too.