Member profiles 1: Getting to know the League

Ask a League member the main benefits of membership, and you’ll probably hear first about the value of the work we do, the chance to dig deep into public issues and spread that knowledge, the opportunity to inform voters and keep tabs on government. But in the very next breath you’ll probably hear about the chance to spend time with smart, engaged citizens who care about good government.

The Electronic Registration Information System (ERIC)

“The accuracy and integrity of North Carolina’s voter rolls is critical to protecting our elections. Suspicions of voter fraud have led to purges of registered voters from the voter rolls and the passage of Voter ID laws. The Electronic Registration Information System (ERIC) addresses the problem of stale and inaccurate voter rolls by providing a secure data matching service superior to what states can perform on their own.” By Laurie Bader, member of LWV-Wake’s Election Protection Committee