Government Observer Corps


The League of Women Voters has promoted open government processes since its founding in 1920. LWV-Wake Observer Corps members attend government meetings and report on any issues that might concern the League. Having League members visibly in attendance at meetings helps ensure that our government is conducting open meetings and encourages the accountability of public officials. Joining the League's Observer Corps is a great way to learn about governmental processes and issues in the community.

If you are interested in observing city council meetings, county Board of Education meetings, or county Board of Elections meetings, please contact Paula Jennings at or Marlene Wilson at If you are interested in observing meetings or sessions at the NC General Assembly, please contact Jan Ramquist at

Resources for League Observers

[Links to downloadable documents are in blue text.]

  • Observer Corps Guidelines - League members observing government meetings as part of LWV-Wake's Observer Corps should follow the guidelines in this one-page document.
  • Observation Report - Observers should take a copy of this form to the meeting. Submit your report as soon after the meeting as possible at the link below. (This is a simple Word document that allows you to type in your responses.)
  • Schedule of Municipal Meetings - This one-page document provides information on county and municipal government meeting schedules.
  • Power of the Pin - This one-page document provides guidance on when, and when not, to wear a League pin or name badge.
  • NC General Assembly Floor Plans - For those observing at the General Assembly  these floor plans will be useful. The Legislative Building floor plan will help you find the Senate and House chambers and various offices. The Legislative Office Building (LOB) floor plan will help you find committee hearing rooms.
  • List of Committees in the NC Legislature - This document has links to information on many of the committees in the NC Legislature that relate to issues the League needs to monitor. (It does not include all legislative committees.)