Notes from the Chair

We have entered a new world. Our world
changed on two days. The first was November 8, 2016 when many in our community were shocked by the election of Donald J. Trump to be president. The second was January 21, 2017 when over 3 million women and men marched throughout the country to advocate for the rights of women, immigrants, LGBTQ citizens and discovered the power we hold to make our voices heard.

 “It has become obvious in the past two weeks that people who are ill-suited to activism no longer have the option of leaving it to others.  Maybe we never did. Part of my discomfort is with feeling part of a group, the reluctance to put on a hat.”

1 Many of us have become “accidental activists,” some for the first time in a long time.  We are looking where to go, where we can make a difference. There are many groups out there doing important work. You have chosen the League of Women Voters because we are a strong, active, grassroots organization with a long history of civic engagement.

Every day it seems like there is a new attack on our core values, on our very civilization. We must face this head-on as we organize to resist these efforts.  “Do not organize by yourself or as a small group. Join a national effort of resistance. Do not act without active research into efforts already being
taken —historically, successful resistance of a
coup has required a unified and highly organized resistance.”

Every day that we work on issues of good governance, the environment, keeping public education strong for all our children, we resist the forces that seek to undermine our society. I am continually inspired by the strength and commitment of our members. We must work together to keep from being
overwhelmed by the challenge, or discouraged by potentially slow progress.
Thank you for putting your faith in the League of Women Voters. Together we will make a difference.

 1 Nell Freudenberger, The New Yorker, January 31, 2017
2 Ashley Harris, “Resistance is Not Futile,” https://

Marian Lewin, LWV-Wake Leadership Team