LWV-Wake's Core Values

LWV-Wake empowers our members to actively engage in creating positive change at the local, state, and national levels. Our work is guided by several core values.

  • Nonpartisanship – A nonpartisan approach to reach consensus on public policy issues promotes objectivity and enhances the League’s credibility as an organization.
  • Integrity – Integrity is central to the League’s mission and vision. It allows us to operate effectively and maintain a high level of trust among members, community, and elected officials.
  • Inclusivity – The League welcomes all who are interested in joining and becoming involved.
  • Thorough Analysis – The thorough analysis of public policy issues allows the League to present its positions to the community in a balanced and transparent manner.
  • Volunteerism – The League is an organization where members have an equal opportunity to contribute and further its mission through a variety of volunteer activities.
  • Civic Engagement – Civic engagement and participation in the democratic process are serious responsibilities and necessary to effect positive change at all levels of government.
  • Empowerment through Education – Citizen empowerment and confident engagement in the political process results from a thorough knowledge of relevant public policy issues. 
  • Action – The League takes an action-oriented approach to promote civic engagement.
  • Equality – Equality and respect for all people is a core value not only of our organization but of our democracy.