Getting Active in the League

There are lots of ways to get involved in the League! Our goal is to provide you with a variety of opportunities: you can attend informative events, help a committee work on an important issue, assist with operation of the organization, learn about our community, or just meet like-minded people. The best way to start learning more about us is to explore our website, especially the Events page. You will also receive periodic emails from the LWV-Wake president alerting you to upcoming events and activities. Come participate in our events and talk to fellow members. We’ll help you find the activities that meet your goals. The following are some suggestions to help you get more involved.

Attend League 101 and League 102

League 101 is a two-hour orientation to the League offered at varying times throughout the year. You’ll learn about League history, policies, committees, and the resources and information available on our website. Most importantly, you’ll meet other new members and have a chance to talk about how you can get involved. We recommend League 101 for every new member. League 102 is a follow-up workshop providing more extensive information on getting involved with the League and developing advocacy skills. League 101 and 102 sessions are announced on our website, on Facebook, and in emails.

Complete the Member Interest Survey

Our brief Member Interest Survey asks about your interests and skills. Your responses help us find committees and volunteer activities that might interest you. Your feedback is shared with committee chairs so that they may invite you to visit and consider joining a committee. It may take a few weeks before you hear from a committee chair, so please be patient. Remember that we’re an all-volunteer organization!

Join a League Committee

The actual work of the League is largely done within our committees. Members are not voted or appointed to our committees (with the exception of the Nominating Committee). Rather, they volunteer to join the committees that interest them. Joining a committee is a great way to meet others with similar interests and learn about how you can help with the committee’s work. You don’t need to wait for an invitation!

League members are welcome to visit meetings before deciding to join a committee. When you join a committee, you will receive emails from the committee chair about meetings and activities. You decide the extent to which you are able or willing to volunteer within a committee. To learn about LWV-Wake’s current committees or to email a committee chair, go to our Committees page. [Note: some LWV-Wake committees take a break in the summer months.]

Attend League Events

We sponsor numerous events and activities throughout the year including:

  • Monthly Timely Topics lunch and lecture sessions

  • Social events

  • Monthly League Lit book discussions

  • Field trips

  • Special educational seminars

  • Workshops

  • Marches and rallies

  • Observing government meetings

League events are announced on the Events page of our website, on our Facebook page, and in emails. Some events require pre-payment, but most are free. To help those setting up for the event, we ask that you register or RSVP for both free and pre-paid events. Most events are open to nonmembers, and we encourage you to bring a friend. When you attend an event, let the volunteer at the registration table know that you are a newer member. We’ll do our best to make you feel welcome!

Attend a Social Event

LWV-Wake hosts two parties each year: a June Summer Social and a December holiday party. We also offer occasional smaller, informal social events throughout the year. These events are attended by many new and newer members. If you’re shy, bring a friend! All events are announced on the website, on Facebook, and in emails.

Support LWV-Wake’s Annual Fundraiser – Women’s Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, which confirmed women’s right to vote. In August of each year we celebrate with a fundraiser and reception recognizing all female elected officials in Wake County. This event is attended by members, nonmembers, and many elected officials. All League members receive an invitation. Opportunities to purchase tickets or sponsorships are announced on the website, on Facebook, and in emails. Come and join us for an evening of food and celebration.

Follow Us on Facebook or Twitter

Our busy Social Media Team posts regularly to LWV-Wake’s Facebook and Twitter. We also post most League events on Facebook. “Liking” and “following” LWV-Wake is a great way to find out about events and see what our members are doing.

Stay Informed about LWVNC and LWVUS Activities

When you join the Wake County League, you automatically become a member of the League’s state and national organizations. (Your membership dues are divided amongst LWV-Wake, LWVNC, and LWVUS.) If you want to learn about state and national League activities, sign up for email updates from LWVUS and LWVNC. You’ll receive information about action alerts to reach out to legislators, webinars on important issues, and updates on all the League’s important work. All active members are encouraged to sign up for these updates.

[Once you get to the LWVUS website, scroll down the screen until you see the section for signing up for news and alerts.]