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Barbie can do anything... But would she vote?

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Barbie can do anything... But would she vote?
By Lauren Gordon
Posted: 2023-08-01T15:00:00Z

Barbara “Barbie” Roberts, born a nineteen-year-old career woman in 1959, was always destined for greatness. Does she use her well-rounded voice at the ballot box? Luckily, the League of Women Voters of Wake County (LWV-Wake) was able to pick her pink brain to find out.

LWV-Wake Barbie: Hi, Barbie! Congrats on the box office hit. How are you finding the recent resurgence in your popularity?

Barbie: Hi, Barbie! I love it! I’m glad a new generation of girls are getting to know me and getting a glimpse of Barbieland. It’s my favorite place.

LWV-Wake Barbie: What’s the best part of living in Barbieland vs. the real world? 

Barbie: Definitely the black, female President! 

LWV-Wake Barbie: We love to see the representation. Did you vote in the last presidential election?

Barbie: Absolutely. I vote in every presidential and local election. My voice is too important not to! Barbeque Barbie mentioned she’s voting in the next NC election in October. She doesn’t have a driver’s license, but she made an appointment with the DMV to get a photo ID so she’s ready for the new election ID rule. Her Ken is too busy with Beach to vote on Election Day so he's requesting an absentee ballot. He’s not sure that he’ll have his photo ID in time so he's also planning to complete an ID Exemption Form. 

LWV-Wake Barbie: Sounds like Barbeque Barbie and Ken went to for election info. They can also visit for candidate info and sample ballots before they head to the polls. What would you say are the most important issues for Barbies?  

Barbie: Well, even though I look young, I’m actually in my 80’s! So, affordable, accessible healthcare is top of mind for me. As a multi-career woman, equal pay has always been important, too. Getting into all those careers took some education and that came with student loans… these issues inform my decision at the polls. 

LWV-Wake Barbie: I think those issues are on the minds of many voters in Wake County, as well. We really appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts with us. To wrap things up, do you have a message for female voters in the real world?

Barbie: After visiting the real world, I realized women do not have it easy there. It's so important for you to make your opinions and demands heard by voting for candidates who are committed to safer, more equitable communities for everyone. And, remember, you can be anything... including a voter!

LWV-Wake Barbie: SUBLIME. See you at the polls!