LWV-Wake Committees

LWV-Wake has over a dozen committees members may join. Some committees focus on public policy issues and other committees support the operation of the organization. Members decide what they can contribute based on their personal interests, expertise, or time. The best way to get active within the League is to join a committee! (Committee meetings are posted in the meetings calendar.)

100th Anniversary Committee

The League of Women Voters was established in 1920 and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020. The 100th Anniversary Committee is conducting historical research and planning events for that year. For more information or to join this committee, contact Dianna Wynn at diannawynn@gmail.com or Phyllis Demko at phyllis626@outlook.com.

Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing Committee encourages local government to support affordable housing options that meet the needs of an economically diverse community in Wake County. For more information or to join this committee, contact Pat Butler at patabutler3@gmail.com.

Citizens’ Advocacy Program

LWV-Wake’s Citizens’ Advocacy Program provides League volunteers an opportunity to learn advocacy skills while promoting League positions to elected officials. Volunteers engaging in advocacy on behalf of the League are primarily recruited from the committees that are working on League positions. (No member may act on behalf of the League without authorization.) For more information, contact LWV-Wake’s Advocacy Director Cheryl Tung at crtung@gmail.com.

communications committee

The Communications Committee works with the Communications Coordinator to promote LWV-Wake events, maintain the website, post to LWV-Wake’s social media feeds, produce a bimonthly newsletter, produce the Annual Report, and increase LWV-Wake’s visibility in the community. For more information or to join this committee, contact Dianna Wynn at diannawynn@gmail.com or Jenny Kotora-Lynch at 55angua55@gmail.com.


The Election Protection Committee works to promote policies and procedures that increase voter turnout and help make our elections more free, fair and accessible. League members interested in working on these issues, contact LWV-Wake Voters Services Director Marian Lewin at marianlewin@gmail.com. (This is a subcommittee of our Voter Services Committee.)

environment committee

The Environment Committee focuses on environmental issues impacting Wake County.  Committee members explore issues related to water quality, sustainability, transit, and open space. For more information or to join this committee, contact Eve Vitaglione at vitaglione@att.net or Jackie Giordano at jgiordano@gmail.com

era committee

The League of Women Voters supports the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. This committee researches the issues, educates the public on the need for the amendment, and advocates for North Carolina to ratify the ERA. For more information or to join this committee, contact Elaine Okal at emokal24@gmail.com or Sheila Denn at sheila.denn@gmail.com.

field trip committee

The Field Trip Committee plans interesting and fun field trips for LWV-Wake members to area historic, governmental, business, and other sites of interest. For more information or to join this committee, contact Pat Butler at patabutler3@gmail.com or Susan McIntyre at smcintyre80@gmail.com.

finance committee

The Finance Committee works with the Treasurer to ensure the fiscal stability of LWV-Wake. Committee members review financial statements, evaluate expenses, and develop an annual budget. For more information or to join this committee, contact Mary Jane Slipsky at mjpietila@earthlink.net.

"League Lit" Book Discussion Groups

LWV-Wake has two book discussion groups. League Lit-Raleigh meets in the League office. League Lit-Western Wake meets at locations in the western end of the county. Any League member may attend either or both groups. League Lit groups select readings that enrich members' knowledge and enjoyment of American culture, politics, and history. All League Lit events are posted on our events page. For more information, contact one of the League Lit Committee chairs:

membership committee

The Membership Committee promotes recruitment and retention of League members. It manages membership databases, organizes League 101 sessions, and hosts new member orientation events. For more information or to join this committee, contact Dale Cousins at dalenbill@gmail.com or Karen Ferguson at ferguson.karen@gmail.com.

nominating committee

The Nominating Committee identifies nominees for election and appointment to the LWV-Wake Board of Directors. Members of the Nominating Committee are elected at the Annual Meeting. For more information, contact Naomi Lambert at naomi@lamberthome.net. or Jackie Giordano at jgiordano@gmail.com

Observer Corps

The League's Observer Corps is dedicated to promoting government transparency and accountability. LWV-Wake Observer Corps members attend government meetings and report on any issues that might concern the League. Observers attend meetings to learn about their community, to ensure that government meetings are conducted in the open, and to encourage the accountability of public officials. For more information about participating in our Observer Corps, contact co-chair Marlene Wilson at marlene.wilson@gmail.com, Paula Jennings at pjennings613@gmail.com, or Janis Ramquist at janisramquist@gmail.com.

redistricting reform committee

The Redistricting Reform Committee works to end the gerrymandering of voting districts in North Carolina. Committee members engage in ongoing research, participate in advocacy, and educate the community on the importance of redistricting reform for fair voting maps. For more information or to join this committee, contact co-chair Sheila Denn at sheila.denn@gmail.com, Phyllis Demko at phyllis626@outlook.com, Dianna Wynn at diannawynn@gmail.com, or Mike Jennings at jenningsmike9@gmail.com.

Social Committee

League members are hard at work on important issues, but we're not all work and no play. In addition to the December holiday party and the annual summer social, the Social Committee plans other events that are strictly social, such as wine tastings, movie nights, cooking classes, and other events that provide members an opportunity to have fun, relax, and get to know one another. For more information or to join this committee, contact Cheryl Tung at crtung@gmail.com or Suzanne Botts at sbotts1@yahoo.com.

timely topics committee

The Timely Topics Committee organizes several lunch and lecture events each year featuring experts speaking on important issues. Committee members select event venues, make arrangements for featured speakers, and attend to all the necessary details for planning and sponsoring a speakers’ series. Timely Topics lunches are included on our events page. For more information or to join this committee, contact Phyllis Demko at phyllis626@outlook.com or Marlene Wilson at marlene.wilson@gmail.com.

Voter registration Committee

Each month immigrants take the Oath of Allegiance at a naturalization ceremony to complete the process of citizenship. Members of this committee attend the ceremonies and provide voter registration applications to these new citizens. Additionally, members of the committee table at events in the community to register voters. For more information or to join this committee, contact Siobhan Millen at siobhan@nc.rr.com. (This is a subcommittee of our Voter Services Committee.)

voter services committee

The Voter Services Committee develops nonpartisan voter guides, educates voters about the election process, and hosts candidate forums in the community. Many of the committee members attend and observe public meetings of the Wake County Board of Elections and the North Carolina Board of Elections. For more information or to join this committee, contact Marian Lewin at marianlewin@gmail.com.

Women's Equality Day committee

This committee is responsible for planning the annual Women’s Equality Day celebration, currently LWV-Wake's primary fundraiser. Women's Equality Day commemorates the day (August 26, 1920) that the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote was adopted. For more information or to join this committee, contact Candace Blackley at candaceblackley@gmail.com or Teresa Watts at watts.teresa.nc@gmail.com.

propose a new committee

With the approval of the Board of Directors, members may form a new committee to work on an issue that supports a League policy position. Contact Dianna Wynn at lwvwakepresident@gmail.com for more information. Please review League policy positions. The project proposal form can serve as a useful guide for getting started.