Letter to the Editor: Elections Board Ignored Feedback from Voters and Cybersecurity Experts

[Published in the News & Observer, August 27, 2019]

The League of Women Voters of Wake County is deeply disappointed with the State Board of Elections’ decision to certify voting machines that do not rely on hand-marked paper ballots.

We are particularly troubled by the decision to allow voting systems that record votes in the form of barcodes.

Three of the five Board members chose to ignore feedback from voters, as well as recommendations from cybersecurity experts. A voting machine that records a voter’s selections in the form of barcodes is inherently unreadable by humans and cannot be properly audited.

The board of elections in each county may now choose voting machines from among the systems that are certified. We hope that those county boards will place a greater priority on security.

Only hand-marked paper ballots, followed by risk-limiting audits, meet all recommended criteria for secure elections.

Dianna Wynn, Raleigh

President, League of Women Voters of Wake County