Letter to the Editor: Still Hope

[Published in the News & Observer, July 1, 2019; written by Dianna Wynn on behalf of the LEague of Women Voters of Wake County]

Extreme partisan gerrymandering undermines our democracy. Currently in North Carolina, politicians draw their own district lines to pick their own voters and to protect themselves. Elections should be determined by the voters of North Carolina, not by politicians rigging maps. Rucho v. League of Women Voters of North Carolina was one of three recent redistricting cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the Court chose not to draw a clear line between a fair district map and one that is too partisan. This is a deeply disappointing decision.

However, redistricting reform that ends gerrymandering is still possible. The North Carolina General Assembly has the power to adopt an impartial and transparent process for creating voting maps. Currently, seven redistricting bills are languishing in legislative committees. These bills deserve a full and fair hearing that includes public input. N.C. voters want redistricting reform, and democracy demands it. The League of Women Voters will continue its efforts toward redistricting reform that requires impartial mapping criteria, prohibits the use of political data for partisan gerrymandering, allows for public input opportunities, and is conducted via a transparent process. We encourage voters to contact their legislators and demand redistricting reform for fair voting maps.

Dianna Wynn, President, League of Women Voters of Wake County