Letter to the Editor: Adjust Priorities

[This letter was written by LWV-Wake member Jinny Batterson and published in The News & Observer. Ms. Batterson submitted the letter as a private citizen and not on behalf of the League.]

The News & Observer - March 10, 2018

These days it’s nearly impossible to remain unaware of disturbing events and ongoing crises at many levels. First on many minds is the Valentine’s Day mass shooting at a high school in Florida; then there’s the continuing impasse about adjusting U.S. immigration policy; around the world, governments and humanitarian groups struggle to cope with massive flows of refugees fleeing war zones. So what’s being done?

I read in “As Trump presses for change, Congress delays action on guns” (Mar. 2) that leadership of the U.S. Congress has decided not to take up either reducing gun violence or immigration reform for the near term. Instead, they’ll debate a banking bill. In calendar year 2017, refugee admissions to the U.S. fell to their lowest level since data has been kept – just over 29,000; even less than in 2002, when admissions plummeted in the wake of 9/11. Is it possible our priorities need adjusting?

Jinny Batterson