Letter to the Editor: EPA Cuts Would be "Crippling" in North Carolina

Published in the News & Observer - June 30, 2017 - People can be excused for not making a connection between the protection of an endangered snail darter and the health and welfare of their own family. But it is difficult to understand how anyone, particularly policy-makers charged with safeguarding the public welfare, could fail to make the connections between dirty air and polluted water and the health and welfare of the public, including their own families. “NC Says Air, Water Quality is at Risk” (June 24) tells a pathetic tale of crippling cuts to the EPA nationwide and particularly in NC.

The League of Women Voters of Wake County is not overly concerned with endangered snail darters, but it is serious in calling upon Congress, especially North Carolina’s representatives, to be vocal in advocating for public health and in rejecting any further cuts to the EPA budget. The EPA is the primary bulwark between the public and dangerous environmental accidents, neglect and choices. The EPA has done an exceptional job and should be allowed to continue its critically important mission.

Marian Lewin

President, League of Women Voters of Wake County

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