Elections Board Awaiting New Member To Break Tie On Voting Machines

“Advocacy groups, including the League of Women Voters, share Anderson's concerns and have cautioned the elections board not to certify such software-based voting systems out of concerns over vulnerabilities to hacking. ‘My hope is that they would absolutely not certify systems that don't rely on those hand-marked paper ballots,’ said Dianna Wynn, president of the League of Women Voters of Wake County, after Thursday's board meeting.”

North Carolina May Be Using New Voting Machines in 2020

Dianna Wynn, president of League of Women Voters of Wake County said the NC Board of Elections has failed to assess the ownership of the three vendors under consideration. "We do not know and will never fully know, who has a financial or political interest within any of these layers of investment and ownership. We do not know if there are any foreign groups or individuals among the investors."

Elections Board Hears Concerns About Voting Systems. Vote on Vendor Expected Monday

Dianna Wynn, president of the League of Women Voters of Wake County, said the ownership information the three vendors provided the board still was not enough to ensure confidence they would be free of any improper financial or political influence. The best protection against that possibility would be hand-marked paper ballots and follow-up election audits, she said.