Participate in Voters’ Service Activites

  • Help with a candidate forum or with voter registration events.
  • Forward action alerts to interested friends and family members.

Join a Study Committee

  • Offer to do background research and fact-finding through readings, interviews, surveys, etc. on an issue proposed for study.
  • Study an issue in depth and share the knowledge with other members.
  • Help present to the membership for discussion the pros and cons of various alternatives, consideration of the issue selected and a search for solutions. After a study is completed, stay together with the committee members as an "action" committee and make recommendations on ways to implement the new position.

Take Action

  • Write a letter to the editor in support of a League position.
  • Phone or email your local elected officials regarding a local issue.
  • Contact your representatives when you receive an action alert from the LWVUS

Stay Informed

  • Attend Lunch with the League: Timely Topics meetings.
  • Visit the websites of LWVNC and LWVUS
  • Read the most current issue of our newsletter, The VOTER.
  • Observe a City Council, County Commission, or Wake County School Board meeting.   Most can be watched on television.