Wake County Voter Information for 2016

Wake County Board of Elections - voter registration, information about early voting, and more
NC Board of Elections -- find information including sample ballots by name and by precinct as well as the latest updates on election regulations
Please scroll down the Wake County Board of Elections home page for a list of important dates and check their Next Election Page for additional links.
Note that court decisions changed the districts for County Commissioner and Board of Elections late in the summer. Be sure to check your sample ballot for those local races.

Photo ID Requirements

On July 29, a federal court invalidated the voter ID requirements that were in place during the 2016 primaries. At this writing, that decision is still being appealed, but it appears that the November election

  • Will not require photo id
  • Will have 17 days of early voting, not 10
  • Will allow same day registration at early voting places
Please see the NC Board of Elections or VoterID.NC.gov for up to date information.