LWV-Wake‘s Opposition to NC General Assembly‘s Fourth Special Session

Dianna Wynn
December 17, 2016

League members are probably well aware that the NC General Assembly convened a special session on Tuesday, December 13th to address Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts.  This was an important session to fund assistance for North Carolinians still struggling after the hurricane.  There was wide-spread speculation, however, that the legislature would use this session as an opportunity to unnecessarily expand the NC Supreme Court.  Due to these concerns, the LWV-Wake had many League members attending and observing the Senate and House sessions all day and into the evening.

The good news is that the legislature did not introduce a bill to expand the Supreme Court and did provide funding for hurricane victims.  The bad news is that the NCGA convened an additional special session on Wednesday, December 14th and filed 28 surprise bills addressing a wide range of issues.  We neither endorsed nor opposed any particular bill that was introduced.  Rather, we opposed the introduction of numerous unanticipated non-emergency bills in a special session.  We believe that this process did not allow adequate time for lawmakers and the public to fully review and comment on proposed legislation prior to a vote.

League members spent four days sitting in on Senate and House sessions. We visited the office of every Wake County senator and representative, had meetings with some, and sent emails to all of them.  They are all aware of our position.  Thank you to the many League members who attended sessions, sent emails, and made phone calls.  It‘s important that our elected officials know that we‘re watching!