League of Women Voters of Wake County

    Leadership Team Directors:    
    Marian Lewin Team Chair and Convener
    Karen-Marie Allen Treasurer and Member Roster
    Dina Deaton Women’s Equality Day/Recording Secretary, elect
    Vicki Gerig Membership Management
    Mary Martorella Education Chair and Office Coordinator
    Eve Vitaglione Health Care/Environment Liaison
    Off-Board Chairs (Appointed):    
    Pat Butler Voter Registration Project/Women’s Equality Day
    Lucinda Chew Timely Topics Luncheon
    Meredith Lundy Membership/Women’s Equality Day
    Lisa Mowat LWVNC Board Delegate
    Maryanne Olsen Timely Topics Luncheon
    Louise Romanow Annual Report Editor
    Therese Schag Membership Database
    Media Contract:    
    Marian Lewin marianlewin@gmail.com