League of Women Voters of Wake County

    Leadership Team Directors (two-year terms):    
    Marian Lewin Team Chair and Convener
    Mary Jane Slipsky Treasurer, Member Roster and WED
    Sherry MacQueen Recording Secretary
    Karen Ferguson Education
    Naomi Lambert Membership and Voter Service
    Dianna Wynn Communications and Social Media
    Off-Board Chairs (Appointed):    
    Pat Butler Voter Registration Project and WED
    Joyce Gad Timely Topics Luncheon
    Claudia Kadis Timely Topics Luncheon
    Meredith Lundy Membership
    Louise Romanow LWVNC Board Delegate an& Annual Report Editor
    Therese Schag Membership Database
    Nominating Committee:    
    Janice Ramquist Chair
    Jlausia Kadis Member
    Media Contract:    
    Marian Lewin marianlewin@gmail.com