Women Voters of Wake County
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Membership in the LWV requires the completion of the form below and payment of the annual dues.  The annual dues for an individual membership is $55, and for a household/family membership is $75.  After you have completed the form below and clicked the "Submit" button, you will be transferred to a page through which membership dues may be paid by credit card using PayPal.

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Please tell us more about you and how you’d like to be involved in our work in Wake County and North Carolina.  It’s our goal to help you find a place in the League of Women Voters that respects your particular interests, time and energy.

What motivated you to join the League of Women Voters?


How would you like to be involved?


Do you have any special skills you are willing to share with us?  For example, are you an expert on an issue, accounting skills, have held public office, IT skills, public speaking?


When are you most likely to be interested in participating in League activities? (Indicate all from this list that apply): weekdays, evenings, lunchtime, weekends, other (please explain)


Meetings and Events

We have regular monthly gatherings called Timely Topics, usually held on the 4th Friday of the month. These lunchtime meetings feature expert speakers on important issues. Lasting for about 75 minutes they include a presentation and a Q and A. See our website (www.lwvwake.org) for information. All members are regularly informed about these and are welcome to bring guests.

Book Group meets every other month (see www.lwvwake.org for specifics).

Women's Equality Day is an annual celebration of the women in Wake County who serve in elected office. It is usually held on August 26, the anniversary of the 19th Amendment when women won the right to vote. The event is a reception in the late afternoon/early evening. This is the League’s main fundraising event.

Candidate Forums. As a non-partisan organization, the League is proud to be one of the foremost groups sponsoring candidate forums for local elections including county commissioners, city council elections and boards of education. In most years there is a local election for which we will offer forums in central Raleigh as well as often in the east and west of the county. We are proud to collaborate with other community organizations to reach as many diverse groups as possible.

Voter Services

Naturalization Services. On two Fridays monthly we attend naturalization ceremonies in the morning and afternoon at the USCIS center in Durham to assist new citizens in registering to vote.

We also provide voter registration support when non-partisan groups ask for assistance.

Voter Education and Access. We receive many queries about voting legislation, how local governments work and other general voting information. We have many members with a deep understanding of the laws and customs surrounding voting who provide these resources to our community.

Advocacy. Writing Letters to the Editor, lobbying, monitoring bills, observing Board of Elections meetings, County Commissioner meetings, School Board meetings and the General Assembly.

Issue Committees and Roundtables*





*These are driven by member interest and alignment with League positions. If there is another issue that you would like to investigate or create a committee PLEASE LIST IT BELOW.


League Organization

Membership. Recruiting new members and encouraging/facilitating their involvement in their chosen activities.

Office Support. Assisting in the maintenance of our Raleigh office premises.

Communications.Working with the League’s website, Facebook, Twitter, The Voter (newsletter), mailings and other regular communications.